Tailor-made tour

As well as a dress, even a journey can be cut and sewn according to needs, expectations and passions.

Traveler from the early age, I have always organized and looked after my trips (even overseas) alone, with the freedom to move where I wanted, without necessarily having to adapt to pre-set stops and itineraries, most of them anonymous and unexciting.

If you would organize a DIY travel itinerary but you have no idea how to do it, write me and I will suggest or create your tour, according to your dreams and expectations.

The world is big and I have not been anywhere yet but, on the doorway of thirty years, I have visited 25 states on 3 continents and even arranged a distance marriage, mine. Living the trips as an innate passion, I can provide you my own experience as a traveler and help you to organize your itinerary, in the best way. With the soul of a passionate traveler, insatiable for experiences and knowledge, I do not sell holiday packages, but I create tailor-made itineraries after having seen and visited the places in first person.

In case you are interested, just send me an email and I will give you all the tips to make a unique journey, designed just for you.