Say it with the right words!

Hands up those of you who have never felt “ignorant” in this world of winelovers.

Suddenly everyone talks about wine, they describe hints, farms, vines as if they had spent years in books and, above all, had travelled the world (of wine) far and wide. When I enrolled in the sommelier course, seven or eight years ago, I was one of the youngest. In the (wine) company where I worked, many people looked at me strangely for my interest while in the course, those few under forty, were mainly employees of the most forward-looking restaurants in the province almost obliged to participate. What for others was pure work, for me it was knowledge, in order not to feel inferior when others talked about things completely unknown to me at that time. Today, a few years after that course (which seems like an eternity), wine is on everyone’s lips, regardless of the level of studies, sex, age or social environment. Wine is social, it is a reason for interaction, it is a pleasant and versatile subject to use with colleagues in the office and at lunch on Sundays, but like everything, it requires a minimum of knowledge.

In the world of winelovers, many are self-taught, while many others simply repeat words heard on TV or read on some trendy Instagram page. Of course, wine is for everyone, but why not learn to choose it and talk about it with awareness? To avoid ugly figures and, above all, to know how to defend well in front of the smart-asses, on shelves full of bottles or embarrassing wine lists, you are in the right place.

In fact, I welcome my new section “the importance of words”, a weekly space in which I will accompany you to discover the words of the wine that we feel and think we know, but in reality if someone asks for its meaning….please help! I wait for you tomorrow, here, for the first date.