Ginger hair, blue eyes, jeans and big bags. I love flowers, perfumes and sincere eyes. I have travel guides books and travel notes scattered everywhere, as well as recipes that I would always try. A wine glass in hand and I perceive the emotions of a land, with its colors and perfumes. I usually cry easily but I’m always ready with a smile. I’m stubborn, romantic and, sometimes, talkative. And I would always like to be in a different place, to discover the beauty of new horizons, which enrich eyes and heart. I live in Italy (next to Venice), enriching my days with various ideas from the world and vice versa, trying to spread our fabulous land elsewhere.

More formally I am Michela, born in 1988 and I have been passionate about traveling since I was a child, when locating the cities or guessing the initials of the Italian provinces were the best hobbies and the atlas my favorite book. After an education for foreign languages at high school, a degree for languages followed while working between wines, pizzas and books: these were my days. Wine as the main topic of my daily job, pizzas to be delivered to very demanding customers in the evening and several books waiting for me on the desk. Sommelier Diploma. As a job in the past and for pleasure now, I organize and take part in food & wine travels in Italy and abroad, falling in love with the infinite wonders that I find along the journey of travel and life.